Charismatic Content & Distinctive Design
For Progressive & Unusual Brands

I believe our future depends on people with good intentions and radical ideas. Through original content and playful design, I help unconventional entrepreneurs establish their unique identity and form meaningful connections with customers.
Hire me for freelance copywriting, graphic design, brand styling, illustration and more. 



Shared values matter

I’m Jenna Thompson – a freelance digital creative based in Bristol, UK. I get my kicks helping conscientious entrepreneurs and arts organisations look and sound their best. They say that where you spend your money is where you cast your vote, and likewise, I prefer to work with clients who make the world a better place. In particular, I choose to promote brands with strong ethical values around:

  • Animal welfare
  • Environmental issues
  • Social justice 
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Tech for good

“If you hire people just because they can do a job they’ll work for your money, but if you hire people who believe what you believe, they’ll work for your blood, sweat and tears.” – Simon Sinek

Your digital handywoman

Words are my jam. Design is my jam. The web is also my jam – picture one of those gift sets. Consistent content, polished visuals and intuitive design are essential to building a credible brand that outshines the competition.

Traditionally we expect freelancers to be specialists, whereas agencies give us a breadth of services (for a much higher price tag). As one of those newfangled multipotentialites, I’ve developed skills across a number of disciplines: copywriting, graphic design, illustration, web design, SEO and video editing. It’s the agency experience for a fraction of the cost. 

Why hire me?

Working with an experienced multi-skilled freelancer gives you the freedom and flexibility to work on your business as needed, without worrying about overheads. I work remotely, learn quickly and provide all my own software. Set tasks on a month-to-month basis and pay as you go – daily or flat rates, depending on your requirements. 

Hire me to help you with whatever you need most: blog posts, logo design, product descriptions, print layouts, keyword research, brand identity, building a website – the list goes on. Mix and match to fill the gaps in your day-to-day; ideal for busy startups and solopreneurs.

“Jenna has been a key part of the company’s online marketing for nine months and really taken to the subject matter (which is quite technical) very quickly. With the business flourishing, having Jenna on board has really helped me free up my own time; she gets stuck in from strategy to content production on web or social media, so I can focus on developing the rest of my business.”

A. Lawrence-Berkeley, CEO, Level Five Supplies 

“I commissioned Jenna to design a logo for my freelance presenter brand. She was incredibly prompt and easy to communicate with, and delivered a polished, elegant design which precisely captured the playful feel of the brand. I would not hesitate to recommend her to any business or freelancer seeking professional branding, logo design or illustrations.”

A. Forster, Science Presenter & TEDx Speaker

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