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Design & Digital Media Portfolio

In addition to content strategy and SEO, I also offer creative logo design, graphic design, digital illustration and branded video services. I love exploring ideas and always have a range of unusual projects on the go! Check out my portfolio of work and nonsense below.

Logo design

When it comes to logo design, simplicity is key. You want something that looks great across all of your marketing materials, even when displayed very small. I design vector logos that are playful and uncomplicated, creatively reflecting the personality of your brand.


I illustrated my first book aged five. I like to think my work has improved since then. Using Adobe PhotoShop and a Wacom tablet, I create digital illustrations with a hand-drawn feel. I specialise in scenes featuring animals and wildlife, as well as bespoke commissions. I also create custom illustrated maps for weddings and special events (see my work at HoneyMap).

Get in touch for:

  • Character design
  • Children’s book illustrations
  • Vector illustration
  • Map illustration
  • Cartoon illustration
  • Book cover illustration

Apparel design

In August 2017 I started creating my own line of novelty Christmas jumpers, after consistently not being able to find any I liked. The result was Jolly Christmas Jumper, a Shopify store from which I sell the jumpers online. Using a print-on-demand service, I simply create the designs using Adobe Illustrator and upload them to various jumpers, hoodies and t-shirts. In its first month, Jolly Christmas Jumper was featured in both The Mirror and Glamour Magazine.

I’ve also created a line of striking geometric endangered animal designs for online apparel brand Beast Boutique (website in development). The brand aims to draw attention to the plight of endangered species worldwide, with a percentage of the profits donated to animal charities.


With experience across corporate video production, creative writing and improvised theatre, I’ve lately branched out into writing and directing short films and marketing videos. Digital marketing trends continue to favour video content – on social it generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined. Below are two examples I’m particularly proud of.

Ref – Comedy short

This is the story of Paul Lewis, an English football ref with a simple dream: to make it to the FIFA World Cup. What most of us don’t realise is that behind the scenes, football refs are having a hard time – constantly criticised, forever berated. Luckily, Paul has some unique ways of coping.

Jolly Christmas Jumper – Promotional video

I created this short promotional video as a fun piece of additional content for Jolly Christmas Jumper. The models each spend a few minutes giving their artistic interpretation of the festive jumper they’re wearing – with amusing results.

Other creative projects

Life As A Stick Lady

Life As A Stick Lady is a webcomic started back in January 2017. The comic follows the trials and tribulations of Jean Tawson – an average stick lady leading a relatively uneventful life. In a world where everyone on social media seems to be ‘making it’, Jean is mostly to be found in the cereal aisle.
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Business Darling

Business Darling is a business parody series devised by and starring myself and Xenia Randle, in which we muse cartoonishly on trending topics like productivity, sales, and dealing with customers – all from the comfort of bed.

Adventure Crayon

Adventure Crayon is an Instagram travel blogger parody, bringing the creative medium of crayon drawings back into the social media spotlight – with an adventurous twist. All crayon art by Andy Yeoh.
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