Illustration Portfolio

Digital illustration

Original illustration is an opportunity to show off your brand’s personality, creating a unique and engaging experience that is tailored to your project’s needs. Custom illustrations make a refreshing alternative to overused stock assets, helping you to stand out from the crowd with a distinct and playful style where the only limit is your imagination.

I’ve been producing digital illustrations and visuals on a freelance basis for over four years, working with brands and individuals to produce children’s books, brand imagery, wedding stationery and personalised art with a whimsical, hand-drawn feel. I’m best known for my illustrated maps (see below), as well as work featuring animals and birds. I also offer graphic design services including logo design, brand styling and print materials.


Comics are a great way to tell stories or capture relatable situations. In my series of minimal panel comics Life As a Stick Lady, I challenged myself to create a comic a day starring the solemn and unsophisticated Jean Tawson, an alter ego of sorts who gets herself into entirely uneventful situations.

Illustrated maps

Throughout my career as a freelance illustrator, map illustration has become a specialism of mine. Every map is filled with character and detail to capture the atmosphere of the place and/or the theme of the event. I create them in Adobe Photoshop using a graphics tablet and each one is unique. 

Illustrated maps are particularly popular for weddings and events, offering a fun and individual way to give your guests a sense of the area. I typically provide bespoke illustrated maps for clients as one-off commissions and favour a hand-drawn style with lots of detail and personalisation. They are often printed as invitations or save the dates and make wonderful keepsakes.